cash in transit

Why choose our facility for cash processing solutions

Our cash processing facility gives you the peace of mind that your money is in safe hands. The cash processing devices will ensure a count that is verified to ensure no human error has taken place.

Once the count is completed, the funds will be sent to you, via EFT, on the agreed-upon date in your contract with us.

We also provide day-to-day cash management of change or float. All you need to do is let us know when you require the cash, and we will arrange delivery.

Benefits of cash processing solutions

Stress free cash processing technology

Our team specialise in cash security services and technology and have been operating in cash security and cash processing technologies since 1984. Trust us to safeguard your cash.

Efficient cash processing and cash security

Eliminate the human error and speed up the cash processing with our technology

Accurate cash processing solutions

Automated counting with state-of-the-art cash management technology

cash in transit
cash in transit

Order cash processing solutions at Transcash

Our team specialise in state-of-the-art cash processing technology that can be utilised as part of end to end cash management solutions for South African businesses and financial institutions. Our cash processing solutions are designed for reliability, accuracy and cash security. Equip your business with high performance cash processing solutions today.

Transcash offers a full end to end cash solution

Businesses need more than just cash processing solutions. In South Africa cash security should be a priority. Avoid falling victim to the high crime rates and invest in cash security using our cash security technologies (cash management and payment devices, , alarm systems, CCTV) and security guards for daily cash operations and cash in transit services.

cash in transit


  • Accurate, verified count of funds
  • Transcash is your only point of contact
  • An EFT the funds
  • Day-to-day handling of change or float


All security staff employed by Transcash have to be registered with PSIRA. This means that they have completed the necessary security grades at PSIRA approvedtraining institutions. (Cash in Transit staff require a minimum of a Grade C as well as the Cash in Transit (CIT) certificate).