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We offer collection of clients’ deposits with delivery to your banks, or through to our Transcash Cash Processing centre, in our armoured vehicles.

Transcash will collect your deposit at the mutually agreed time, on time and as per your contract. All our vehicles are fitted with Allcash Cross Pavement Carriers, and the latest technology in our vehicles ensures safety and security of your money, our staff and the public. Insurance for your cash deposits is guaranteed with Transcash.

It is mandatory that all of our security officers are registered with the Private Security
Regulatory Authority (PSIRA). Our Cash in Transit staff require a minimum of Grade C
certification, as well as Cash in Transit (CIT) certification. Your contract is our promise, and we ensure our clients trust is earned with guaranteed professional and personal service.

Your contract is our promise, and we ensure our clients trust is earned with guaranteed professional and personal service. Looking for security companies offering secure cash transport? Contact us directly for cash in transit services.


We are equipped, experienced and qualified to handle all of a client’s cash requirements – from start to finish, End-to-End Solutions. This encompasses collections, Cash Management Device (incorporates installation, maintenance and back-end), Insurance, Cash Processing and EFT settlements. Contact us directly for cash services.

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Transcash provides the latest Cash Processing services to remove the risk and safety associated with dealing with cash on site. Our automated machines handle each count quickly, and accurately, reducing the potential shortages that can arise with human error, and the associated costs incurred.

With each count, the system provides a receipt and logs all activity. The deposit is dropped to the safe below, and our Transcash team will collect and deposit the cash.

This solution offers total transparency for our customers, with a full activity log of deposits and withdrawals, accessible anywhere through web-based software linked to the unit.

When coupled with our Cash Processing Service, it offers customers a full
end-to-end solution for cash management: from deposit, to collection, and processing to your business account. Contact us directly for our cash management services.


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Speed: 800 notes per minute
Note counter: Glory high speed counter
Dimensions (L x W x H): 618 x 672 x 785
Weight: 250kg

This high-capacity model is able to process 800 notes per minute with efficiency and accuracy. The safe is anchored to the ground for security, with a 16 mm steel door. The accompanying web-based platform provides real-time reporting and can be integrated into other cash management or POS systems.

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Transaction/ Validation: Multi-note feeder
Speed: 50 notes per minute
Bank notes capacity: 3000 notes of ATM quality
Dimensions: (L x W x H): 400 x 440 x 770mm
Weight: 160kgs
Hopper Capacity: 50-note batches

Designed for under counter cash operations from R10 000 to R250 000 and uses a note-feed device to validate the deposit.

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If you choose to use our Cash Processing facility, we ensure a verified count and will
make payment to you by EFT as per your contract with us – whether that is the same day or the following day, we guarantee you will receive payment on time.

Our Cash Processing service ensures one seamless solution for your funds. Dealing only with Transcash, ensures a clear chain of process with only one point of contact, saving you time, risk and expenses with a simplified process.

Transcash will collect from your site to our processing centre, where we will count and verify the amount, and EFT the funds to you as per our agreement.

We can also take care of the day-to-day cash handling of your change or float. Simply let us know your cash requirement and we will arrange delivery as and when required. Contact us directly for cash processing solutions.


Need a security guard? Our specialised security personnel are available to secure your assets and premises.

Transcash is one of South Africa’s leading providers of certified security officers. We can provide armed or unarmed security for your industrial, residential or commercial property.

It is mandatory that all of our security officers are registered with the Private Security Regulatory Authority (PSIRA), and we subscribe to the Code of Conduct of the South African Security Association (SASA).

Our 24-hour control room monitors each officer’s movements and timing, for both our clients’ assurance and the safety of our staff. Contact us directly for security guard services.

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Transcash has the ability to provide an Escort Service for valued and vulnerable cargo on request.

With either a marked or unmarked escort, you will have peace of mind with extra security through Transcash.

We work with clients to provide additional protection in the transportation of high-value cargo, raw materials for manufacture, high-end medical equipment, electronic equipment, and personal valuables.

Contact us directly for escort services to find out how we can assist.


Transcash is committed to providing our clients with exceptional service delivery, safety and security.

We use the latest technology to ensure the security of our clients’ assets at every stage. All vehicles are under 24-hour tracking which is monitored from our control room. We use only the latest Cross Pavement Carriers (CPC) which record all details of the daily operation. The deposits are placed in Stop Loss bags, which are placed in an onboard dropsafe.

We have a combined experience of over 50 in the industry, and we value the trust and respect we have earned. With Transcash, your assets are in safe hands.

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All security staff employed by Transcash have to be registered with PSIRA. This means that they have completed the necessary security grades at PSIRA approved training institutions. (Cash in Transit staff require a minimum of a Grade C as well as the Cash in Transit (CIT) certificate).